Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer, The Xpress Train

October 5 is World Teacher’s day. It is a day set aside to celebrate and appreciate teachers all over the globe. Since its first celebration in 1994, the day has marked the signing of “Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers” by UNESCO and International Labour Organizations representatives in 1966.

This year’s theme is “Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession.” UNESCO intends to reaffirm the importance of the teaching profession. It encourages governments all over the world to promote teaching as a first choice profession for youths.

So, what’s the importance of Teacher’s Day? Well, Teacher’s Day is important because;

  1. The day honours teachers and educators all over the globe: to be fair, it isn’t easy to be a teacher. Merely having to wake up early is hard enough. But not only that, you have to be patient with children while offering them positive reinforcements, all year round.

It’s only right that we set apart a day to appreciate these people; our teachers.

  1. Teacher’s day raises awareness about the various pain points of teachers: teachers are usually envied for their long summer breaks. But the truth is, they deserve it. Teachers have to deal with issues such as maintaining set standards, pushing for academic freedom and so on.

If you had to deal with loud kids, you would definitely need a long break.

Also, the World Teacher’s Day facilitates talks about various educator’s problems. Seminars, conferences or even webinars are useful for this purpose.

  1. World Teacher’s day is a reminder for improvement and growth: To improve upon the current education system, the UN (United Nations) came up with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education. Using the passage of time as a reminder for the need for enhancement of the current learning process.

So how do you celebrate World Teacher’s Day?

Well, celebrating teacher’s day is very easy. You can try

  • Surprising your teacher with a gift.

Gifts are used to show people that you care about them. How about showing some love and care to your teacher by getting them a gift. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, you could just get a card that says “Thank You.”

  • Giving your teachers a special treat

No one likes teachers like parents. So why not call them in as reinforcements. Plan with the PTA in your school and hold events that will make your teachers feel loved and appreciated.

The size of the events does not matter. You can either go big or go small. Whatever you choose to go with, just let your teachers feel special.