by Akinpelu Babatola 
Guest Writer, The Xpress Train

This year’s International Workers day was celebrated at home. Everyone was locked up at home, thanks to the global pandemic that is COVID 19. The pandemic has triggered a new way of life for everyone all over the globe. People, Institutions, and Governments all over the world have been struggling to adjust to this new life indoors.

A look around will reveal that this has not been easy.

Almost half the world’s working population, about 3 billion people, are trying to stay afloat and avoid sinking under the wave of unemployment that is sweeping the world. This need for survival has triggered the need for a world that operates on remote work.

But not everyone has adjusted to this new world order. In a bid to match the new world trend it is important that businesses, governments, and individuals need to rise to the challenge and protect the interests of everyone.

Let’s explore the changes that are expected to take place in the workplace..

  1. More remote work: The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that COVID 19 might end up as an endemic. It is believed that thanks to the widespread nature of the virus, it may never go away. While this might not apply to all jobs, it is obvious that remote work will be the answer to such an endemic. You should use this time to ready yourself to work from home for a very long time. This will involve learning skills that will make you invaluable to your current job or any job that you might want to apply for in the future.
  2. More work supervision: If everyone is staying home to work, employers will have to pay more attention to work done by employees. This is important to prevent their businesses from falling apart. You should expect that your productivity and contributions will be monitored. This means slacking off and lazing around will be met with strong reprisals and perhaps job loss.
  3. Video calls will be the norm: With the call for social distancing practices, it is clear that boardroom meetings will no longer be done behind closed doors. Meetings will now be done on closed networks instead. This might not be completely true if a vaccine for the virus is found, but it is the current projection for the business world. After all, video calls will replace traveling down for meetings as it will be considerably cheaper and much more convenient.
  4. Private lives and Professional lives will merge: Most jobs are expected to be carried out remotely. A merger between employees’ private and professional lives is expected. It will become essential that employers keep their employees happy at all times. No longer will the two be considered as mutually exclusive and a miserable employee at home will be a miserable employee at work and vice versa.

With these expected changes, it becomes imperative that the government, businesses, and individuals should invest more in skill development and acquisition. Technological advancements in the communications sector and every other sector will also be expected to match these changes and protect the economy. Maybe not now, maybe not in the near future, these changes will come and life will go on. You should ready yourself for this future.