Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer

The COVID 19 pandemic has revealed a lot of flaws in our society today.

One example is the faulty education system that exists today. With classes being held online and resources being sourced outside the class or library, it’s apparent that there is a need for adjustment.

This failing structure of the education system existed before the global pandemic. With recent innovations in technology, particularly AI, it was apparent that the existing concept of learning no longer worked. The pandemic has only made things more noticeable.

Still unconvinced? Well, let’s take a look at things together.

What is wrong with the current system?

The simple answer to this is; Everything.

Our current education system favours cramming rather than learning. This usually helps students pass tests, but beyond that, no actual knowledge is impacted. They don’t have to bother to understand the things they are being taught; after all, one night of cramming before the exam will help them ace the tests and exams.

In a society where robots are already operating, this type of students will go unemployed. No one wants to hire someone who can only regurgitate what’s in the book. Instead, people with social skills and the ability to emote will be preferred. 

We also choose to assess students based on the results of standardized tests. These assessments are unfair and inaccurate. They do not truly show what knowledge students have in their heads since they are only tested based on what’s in the curriculum.

Doing thing in this way will always yield an unfair situation for some students. They end up being regarded as dull or unintelligent when in truth, they were just not adequately tested.

We try to sell the idea of learning being fun, but we don’t separate actual learning from examinations. For students, who have been raised to learn only what’s in the curriculum, learning can’t be fun. Their curiosity and a natural thirst for knowledge are gradually being killed, the higher they go in the education system.

So what do we do?

Here are things we can do to change our education system.

  • We can teach students to learn outside the classroom. A lot is going on around them, we should encourage their curiosity and guide them towards the answers to their questions.
  • We can design a testing system that will test the individual ability of students, rather than their ability to cram facts and figures. This way, students will leave school as more functional individuals with the skills necessary to survive.
  • We should see the educational sector as an investment for the future of our nation and even the world. This way, with proper funding, the necessary tools and equipment to facilitate easy learning will be provided.