Josephine O. Edwards
Guest Writer

So you have your business website up and running. Now, you’ve just made use of Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to drive traffic to the site. All is well and good, right?

Not necessarily. 

Using SEO as a traffic-driving tool for your website is a good business move. It is recommended by all business experts. What most people fail to note is, it is possible to make mistakes with SEO, and they can end up costing you. 

For SEO to work for your website, you should avoid these mistakes. Here’s our list of the top five SEO mistakes on a website. 

  1. You are using the wrong keywords.

Keywords are what help search engines identify the useful content on your website to the user. If your website does not have relevant keywords, it will not show up in searches. This is a significant reason why SEO efforts fail to yield results. 

Other reasons include using generic or common keywords and using global keywords for a local business and vice versa. 

Before picking your keywords, you should put efforts into learning about how keywords work. 

  1. You don’t have distinct title tags and meta description. 

These two things are what help search engines understand what your website pages are about. If they are unclear or poorly written, it is unlikely for search engines to display your website page. 

Say, you sell shoes for both men and women. When writing the meta description and title tag for both pages on your website, take time to differentiate between each page. Make use of keywords that are relevant to the content of the page in the title tag and meta description. 

  1. Your website doesn’t meet security requirements. 

If your website is not secured correctly, search engines will rank it very low in search results. One easy way to check if your site is secure is to check the URL. If the URL begins with HTTPS, it is safe, if it’s just HTTP, then hackers will have it easy getting into your website. 

Installing an SSL certificate on your website quickly fixes this problem. 

  1. Your content is not original.

Search engines hate duplicate content. They rank websites with unoriginal content very low and are unwilling to have them show up in search results. This can severely affect your SEO efforts.

Make sure that your page descriptions and content are not copies of one another or that of another website. By doing this, search engines will pay more attention to your websites and rank them higher in relevant searches. 

  1. Your content is not relevant.

This is a prevalent mistake for new businesses. In a bid to get more site visits, they end up creating content that’s not relevant to what the business has to offer. If you do this continuously, your rankings on search engines will continue to drop as you upload more irrelevant content. 

So what do you do?

Well, rather than trying to just fill up your website, you should focus more on your customers. Create content that answer their questions, inform them of new things relating to your product or services and follow the best SEO regulations. 

Simply avoiding these mistakes may not solve all your SEO problems, but they will definitely solve most of your problems. So take a look at your website again, and check which of these mistakes you are currently making.