Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer

Combining being a student with entrepreneurship is no easy feat. If you aren’t careful, you might find it challenging to maintain both aspects of your life. Are you considering venturing into entrepreneurship as a student? Or are you already a student entrepreneur? Don’t worry. The Xpress Train has you covered.

Here’s how to become a successful student entrepreneur.

  1. Have the Right Mindset

Your actions are majorly affected by your train of thought. If you have the mindset that things will be impossible, then they will be. Even more so than usual.

While things will be difficult, they aren’t impossible. Believe that in your mind and things will be okay. You will need a lot of dedication and a “can-do” mentality.

  1. Be organized and work with a schedule.

This is the best way to avoid everything falling apart. Learning how to appropriately balance business and academics is a necessity. You don’t want your startup to fail, and you also don’t want your grades to drop.

So instead come up with a time table to work with. Schedule all daily activities into specific periods and stick to it. Also having a business plan can help you keep work organized.

Don’t forget to schedule in some time for relaxation. You will need occasional breaks to recharge.

  1. Match your studies with your business

This should go without saying. You should keep all your interests aligned. The closer your chosen course is to your line of business, the better. You can always consider the business as a practical application of your theoretical knowledge.

If you also need extra knowledge, don’t be afraid to take the necessary courses. Beefing up your skills and knowledge will go a long way in improving business operations.

  1. Network as much as possible.

Your network can work wonders for both your school work and your startup. A good network will provide you with opportunities and necessary experience to adequately manage things.

Interning at other companies is a great way to build professional relationships. You get to meet people with experience in your chosen field or industry.

You should also attend meetups and social events at your university. These provide you with the academic network you will need. And you never know, you might meet people or mentors that are right for your business too there.

Finally, don’t be scared of failure. Businesses aren’t guaranteed successes from the start. They need a lot of work and dedication. So long as you keep at it and don’t give up, you will be successful both as a student and an entrepreneur.