Josephine O. Edwards
Guest Writer

As a startup or business continues to grow, a small number of employees starts to become an issue. You will need all the help you can get, but hiring is not something that’s meant to be rushed.

This is where interns come in. Internship programs have some terrible press attached, but the benefits of hiring them far outweigh the disadvantages. 

So what are these benefits? Well, here are a few that we at KOTO Association think you should know.

  1. Interns are the extra set of hands you need. 

This is the most obvious benefit of starting an internship program. Suppose you are struggling to meet a deadline or finish up a project. In that case, an intern can be assigned to handle the more trivial tasks freeing up your staff to handle the more challenging tasks. By doing things this way, you train your interns to take specific roles and responsibilities and end up freeing up time for more demanding projects.

  1. Interns are fresh new eyes.

As time goes on, a standard method of doing things becomes established. Once this is done, it becomes tough to change things. But interns are not part of the original process; instead, they have many questions to ask. 

Once you and your current employees start answering their questions and showing them the ropes, the gaps and errors in the current system will reveal themselves. Have interns take part in brainstorming meetings and the likes, and you just might end up hitting a goldmine.

  1. Interns are more familiar with recent technology trends.

No one is quite as trendy as the current generation. Once you start making use of their skills, you will find that they are quite useful in this regard. Having a tech-savvy young mind on the deck might just be the push your startup needs to grow.

  1. Interns are potential future employees.

You can think of an internship program as a training period. During this time, you can quickly discern the ability of the intern and determine if they are the right fit for your team. By taking the time to examine your interns, you are bound to discover employees that will be instrumental to the growth of your company.

  1. Interns are potential brand ambassadors.

 By hiring interns, you spread the word about your company. Your relationship with your interns will help you dictate the way others will see your startup. If your relationship with them is terrible, then your brand image may drop. But take advantage of this opportunity; you can build your reputation and improve how people everywhere see your startup.