by Sivagammi

Stop-motion animation is an art form that creates animated movies by combining many snapshots together to give the illusion of movement. This process is really complicated and time-consuming, with countless hours and staff involved behind the scene to build the sets and move each character step-by-step.

Stop-motion is dying out slowly since the early 20th century and has been replaced by the digital 3D animation. Where digital animation is much easier and faster to make, which is preferable by the filmmakers. Nevertheless, compare to digital animation, stop motion animation is more about dedication and hand-craftsmanship where the filmmaker can enjoy making all the minutiae from the beginning to the end.

The Xpress Train has organized a Stop Motion Animation with Clay Making Workshop at Mall of Medini on the 10th of August 2019. This workshop is to inspire their creativity and pushes the limits of their imagination to produce their own animation. The participants were asked to decide their own story line and scenery. This need a lot of patients and passions to put all the effort into the production of stop-motion films. Beside from clay, lego mini figures, paper and even food can also be used to make stop motion animation.

Through their creative and innovative skills, children had ponder on items they wish to create and yes, it was a huge success for them to achieve in creating their own mini figures. Children presented their mini figures and get comments on where to improve. In the process of accepting those pieces of advice, they get to learn new skills and also make new friends.

We are more than thankful that the children had attended our event. We hope they enjoyed the experience and share their knowledge out there.Written by: Wendy Yu