Iskandar Programme

Perantis Iskandar Programme is totally FREE
Guaranteed employment


2 months to train and upskill the unemployed or young graduates and provide appropriate and sufficient experience in AI vision, robotics, industrial automation, Web Design Applications, Mobile Applications Programming and Game Development (AI)

Job Placement

To get 2 months of industrial training and immediate employment after training and expand your knowledge to experience in the application of technology in the real world

This programme is aimed at

Fresh Graduates

Broaden Employment Scope

The trainees complete 2 months of intensive skills
Followed by 2 months of industrial training
minimum of 2 years employment.

Provide Skills and Knowledge

1. Work, contribute and conduct R&D
2. Provide solutions in AI Vision, robotics and other fields
3. Apply technology in the real world

Fully Sponsored


Guaranteed Employment

5 Programme Courses Available in Beginner and Advanced Levels !

1. Computer Vision Programming

2. Industrial Automation Programming

3. Web Design & Applications

4. Mobile Applications Programming

5. Game Development (AI)

Sounds Interesting?
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The entire programme is absolutely FREE!!!

If you are currently employed, NOT a graduate, NOT interested in employment bonding and interested in the upkilling programme, check out this link for further information.

  • Anchor 6, Mall of Medini, No 4, 79200 Nusajaya, Johor
  • 07-510 2939

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