By Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer, The Xpress Train

As more and more devices all over the world join the ever-expanding internet of things, it is expected that the Internet of Things will become the internet of everything. This massive growth is bound to affect the lives of the entire online population in more ways than one. The change is already visible in the global health sector and the world of business. Another sector that is bound to be affected is the education sector.

The world of education is still limited in several ways but it is apparent that it is fast becoming a part of the online world. This change is being pushed by the current COVID 19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. Online classes have more or less become a necessity as schools remain closed at this time.

Several changes have been incorporated in education thanks to the internet of things in response to the pandemic and it is very likely that these changes will not be temporary and rather than disappear, they will become the norm. What changes can you expect to see in the education sector in the coming years?

Easier student engagement: Connecting with students has always been an integral part of the learning process. With the assistance of IoT, it becomes much easier for educators to connect with students. There will no longer be a mandatory need for face-to-face meetings rather, classes and discussions can be held on almost any device and with as much convenience to both parties as possible. Educators will even be able to prepare course outlines that are specific to each student.

Increased educator efficiency: Educators all over the world have one problem in common; Time management. From designing curriculums to grading papers and assigning assignments, it becomes a nearly impossible task to efficiently and effectively carry out their duties while still maintaining a life outside of their job. With IoT’s influence, these tasks will not only become much easier, but they will be more efficient. Sharing information with fellow educators will be faster, moving through course contents will be a breeze, and assessing and providing learning materials to all students will all be done at the click of a button and possibly from the comfort of the home.

Better On-campus Safety: As the IoT grows, data collection becomes much easier. It will be easy to locate staff and students on campus and will help ensure that there is an eye on the activities of everyone. Cashless payments will become the order of the day and robbery counts will drop drastically.

These are just a few of the possible changes that will come to the education sector as the Internet of things continues to grow. There will be a few obstacles to these changes of course, such as financing issues and a potential loss of privacy, but in the foreseeable future, the education sector and perhaps all other sectors will become one big online village.