Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer, The Xpress Train

One way to improve public opinion about your business is through great customer service. Solving customer troubles with your product is an excellent solution for this. The first step in this process is by identifying customer pain points. 

So how do you do this? Stick with me and I will tell you five ways to identify customer pain points. 

Five ways to identify customer pain points. 

  1. Ask customers. 

This should be obvious, and if it’s not, now you know. Customers are the ones you are trying to help. So there is no better source of information than them.

You can choose to ask through surveys. Ask customers for their opinions on your product. Sending personalized emails and social media posts are also options. 

Some businesses provide live chat services on their websites. This makes customer feedback almost instantaneous. 

Whatever methods you choose, make sure you are talking to your product users.

  1. Communicate with your sales representatives. 

Sales representatives are customers’ first point of contact. They are the ones who get firsthand information from customers. This makes them a treasure trove of information you.

Communicate with them on a regular basis. Have them inform you of all customer complaints and opinions. This gives a better understanding of your customers and helps categorize pain points. 

This also presents an opportunity to identify product strengths.

  1. Read reviews

The world is now a global village. Carry out a quick search online and read what people are saying about your business.

Online reviews are excellent for identifying pain points. They give firsthand impressions about your business. You should also check out social media posts and comments. 

Not every post or review is real, but some are. These are the ones that will give you the information you need. 

  1. What is the competition doing?

Competitors are present in almost all businesses. While they split profits with you, they also split problems with you. So this is an excellent way to identify customer pain points.

Take a look at their marketing strategies. How are they handling the problems you have? What interests their buyers to their product and not yours? Improving on their methods might be the boost your business needs. 

  1. Research the market

You should have done this when starting out. That does not mean you get to rest on your oars. You have to keep an eye on your current customers and your prospects.

Researching the market includes mapping customers to their unique traits. This gives you information about what to continue or what to stop. It will help you meet the need of each individual customer across many demographics. 

Customer loyalty is dependent on how convenient it is to use your products. Removing all or most customers’ pain points will give your business the shove it needs. And you will find things running much easier.