Josephine O. Edwards
Guest Writer

Everyone knows how powerful social media is as a marketing tool. A lot of business owners and startups concentrate quite a bit of their marketing efforts on social media. Yet, it doesn’t always seem to work the same way for everyone.


The major difference lies in the level of engagement your business can drive on social media. It is only by engaging viewers that you can potentially turn them into customers. Without it, they will be nothing but viewers. All the time, effort, and money put into social media marketing end up wasted.

So how do you increase your viewer engagement? Well, here are the Xpress Train’s top five ways to increase social media interactions with your viewers.

  1. Create original and relatable content

Most businesses get it wrong right from this first step. They choose to fill their social media pages with technical content and whatnot. This is a terrible mistake.

No one comes to social media to learn boring technical stuff. They come to be entertained instead. Even if your business is a school or institute, your content should be original and entertaining as well as relatable.

 You can pass along your message without getting all technical and boring. Instead, opt for a more friendly approach and watch viewer interest in your products go up.

  1. Invite your viewers to engage your posts.

Rather than having viewers read about your company alone, you should invite them to engage your posts too. It could be simply be asking for their opinions on a topic, holding a quiz session, creating a poll for them to vote on or just hosting a Q&A session. Your business will gain a reputation for caring about its customers’ opinions if you do this.

You will also be provided with more information about your potential customers. The importance of such information in this digital age should not be overlooked.

  1. Hashtags are your friends.

A significant reason why your engagement levels might be low is that no one is seeing your post. Hashtags allow social media users to sort through trending events quickly. For a business who fails to take advantage of this, its social media presence is bound to be low.

So you should sort through hashtags often and insert the relevant ones in your business’ posts. Doing this will increase your presence and consequently, your viewer engagement.

  1. Giveaways bring in more people.

Hosting a giveaway seems counterintuitive for a business, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Giveaways are how companies can get people to do what they want at a little cost. You can attach whatever conditions you wish to your giveaways, and social media users will take care of the rest.

For instance, you could choose to give away one of your products, in exchange for asking users to post about your business. Whichever post has the most views, likes, clicks, or retweets could then be chosen as the giveaway prize winner.

  1. Influencers can do the job for you.

If you want to have people talking about your business on social media, then influencers are a short cut you can take. Influencers are people with many followings on social media. A single post from them could boost your social media engagements.

Think about it, if someone with a million followers talks about your business on their page, then you can potentially reach out to over a million people with one post. Add hashtags and this reach could triple.