Josephine O. Edwards
Guest Writer

Teamwork is essential for any business or startup. It is quite possibly one of the key ingredients for any successful business. As a result, a lot of business owners try to encourage teamwork among their employees.

One of the ways by which they do this, is by creating a “Family space” instead of a work space.

You can agree with me that the best example of teamwork is a united family. Most business owners think this way too. This is why they expend efforts into turning their employees into family rather than just workers. 

By doing this, they create teams that are not just united in purpose but also those that fully support one another.

So how do you create your own family for your business? Here are five steps you need to take to create a successful family for your business.

  1. Give your team members a feeling of ownership and belonging.

Create an environment where workers feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Most business owners are prone to have the “do what I say” attitude. While this attitude can be useful it can also be quite detrimental. Workers feel no sense of belonging and rather start to see themselves as dispensable labor.

You should try to create a workspace that encourages workers to see the business as theirs too. This instills a sense of responsibility for the failure or success of the business in your workers.

  1. Teach your employees to protect one another.

This is a critical step that needs you to lead by example. You have to make sure that you support your employees. Listen to their issues, help them when you can and let them know you care.

By doing this, your employees will trust you more. They will know that you have their backs at all times. Once you set the standards with your actions, it’s only natural that your workers will follow the same path as you and start having each other’s backs.

  1. Create an environment that encourages workers to speak up.

Being able to express oneself freely is key to creating a family. You cannot clamp down on freedom of expression and expect teamwork to improve.

This is next to impossible.

Learning that they can freely express themselves, without fear of repercussions will further motivate your workers. This will help you keep your performance levels high.

  1. Allow employees to get to know each other.

You can do this by setting up social events for your workers. It works even better, if they are able to decide on what they want the event to be themselves.

This will allow your senior and junior staff to relate outside the workspace and actually get to know each other beyond just work. Such successful events are even known to improve the sense of camaraderie amongst workers.

  1. Reward teamwork just as well you reward individual performance.

If you reward the efforts of a team either through praise or an actual reward, you are bound to see many more instances of teamwork in your workspace. Teamwork makes work easier. Your workers know this just as well as you do; if they see that you value teamwork, then they are bound to put in more efforts into building better and more efficient teams.

In order to take advantage of this, make sure to encourage teams that do well just as much as you encourage individual performances.