Akinpelu Babatola
Guest Writer

Current events, mainly the COVID 19 Pandemic, have revealed the importance of passive income. Many are now learning that their salaries are not enough. If you are one of those people looking for ways you can make money while sleeping, then you have come to the right place. 

 Here are five ways you can earn passive income for yourself. 

  1. Buy dividend stocks.

This is considered the tested and trusted way of making passive income. It will require some research on your part, along with a significant amount invested. You can choose to either invest a lump sum at once or to build your wealth over time. 

Whichever method you choose; you’ll find your account balance steadily growing as the years go by. 

  1. Try out affiliate marketing.

If you have a website or a large social media presence, this is for you. You can help others promote their products on your page in exchange for some money. Think of it as running an ads service. 

Thanks to recent technology trends, the entire process can be automated now. Once customers directed through your page or website visit the third party’s page, you earn an agreed commission. This way, you can lie back and relax while your social media page or website does all the work. 

  1. Deposit your money in savings accounts.

Things don’t get much simpler than this. All you have to do is put your money in an account and watch it accrue interest as time passes. As the interests add up, so does your wealth grow; it’s a straightforward process. 

There are two things to watch out for with savings accounts though;

  • Not all banks offer high-interest rates. Some rates are higher than others, so check the rates of various banks to compare first. 
  • The interest rates are affected by the state of the economy. If the economy worsens, so does your interest rate and vice versa.  
  1. Make your car work for you. 

These can work out in different ways. 

You can choose to use your car for services like Uber and Lyft. Driving to work and around time affords you the chance to earn some money while on your way. 

You can also choose to place ads on your vehicle. Legitimate companies are willing to pay you just to put their adverts on your car, at no extra cost to you. This lets you earn simply by driving around, without the worry of strangers getting in your vehicle. 

  1. Use online services to make money. 

You can choose to start a blog, create videos for YouTube or maybe even create your own app. This is where your level of innovation shines through. Regardless of which online service you choose to use, you can always make money online.  

Sites like YouTube will pay you for ad placements on your videos. Creating an app lets you charge people for either downloading it or using an in-app service. If you run a blog, you are sure to find one or two business owners that are willing to rent out ad spaces on your blog. 

The digital world is vast; you should try to make the best use of it. 

No matter what form of passive income you choose to go with, you should know that they require investments, whether monetary or in terms of time. There is no means of making passive income that is immediately rewarding. If you come across such, be careful to investigate it carefully to avoid being cheated out of your money.