There is a pandemic on our hands and all events have slowed to a crawl. Events planned must embrace the current events technologies. Failure to do so would only end in disaster.

What are event technologies? Which event technologies are best suited for the pandemic? And why are they so important?

Read on to find out.

Event Technologies

Digital technologies that help event planners organize events are event technologies. They can be tools that help you advertise events or organizational tools. If it helps push the agenda of an event, a digital tool is event technology.

What’s the big deal about events technology?

Events can be very exhausting. Before the development of event technology, everything was done by hand.

Imagine if you had to compile a list of attendees of an event, by hand. The more people that came for the event, the more tiring the task would be. Not only would it be tiring, but mistakes are bound to happen.

Event technologies make tasks like that easier. You improve efficiency and are able to track the effectiveness of the event as a whole.

So what are the current technology trends in the events planning world?

Current Events Technology

Venue Finders: As the name suggests, these digitals tools help you locate venues for your events. You are able to browse through a list of venues before picking the most suitable one. Some worthy mentions are EventUp Splacer and HeadBox

Registration Management Tools: These tools improve attendee conversions. They keep track of guests and can integrate with other event technologies. This boosts event performance.

Boomset and Bizzabo are two examples of such tools.

Streaming Tools: If you are looking to reach a wider audience, then these are the tools to use. They let you stream events in real-time to online audiences. You are also able to record events for guests that are not present at the time.

Most popular online streaming services like YouTube let you do this.

Way Finders: Rather than hiring ushers or putting up signs to show guests around, these do the job as well. Like the popular Google Maps, these tools show event attendees around, only indoors.

With them, you can take advantage of guest’s smartphones to send directions remotely. Way finders use indoor position systems (IPS). Facilitated by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, they are compatible with almost any smartphone.

Way Finders keep traffic low, ensuring events aren’t overcrowded with support staff.

Event Promotion and Marketing Tools: Driving guests is just as important at planning an event. Using an event promotion tool will do this for you. Not only do these tools take advantage of email marketing, they can also leverage on social media platforms.

Examples of these are MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Bizzabo.

Social Media: Social media has become an integral part of our lives. They are useful in many ways and one way is keeping track of event performance. You can keep track of hashtag performance, mentions, and comments on social media. Making adjustments will become much easier.

Social media platforms also give your events an online audience. It will also help you keep an eye on competitors.

There are many more event technologies, but these few are a good way for any event planner to get started. Using these modern innovations is a great way to improve an event planning business.