By Akinpelu Babatola 
Guest Writer, The Xpress Train

Venture builders are quickly sweeping through the entrepreneurial world. They are replacing slowly and yet surely the reign of Venture Capitalists and soon enough Venture Builders will rule the business world. This shift in power is thanks to the many benefits that Venture Builders offer that make it a better option for Startups than Venture Capitalist

Before we go about learning the many benefits of Venture Builders, I should explain to you what a venture builder is. A Venture Builder does what its name suggests, it builds ventures or businesses. A venture builder will take an idea, nurture it and when it is capable of functioning on its own let it do just that, think of it as a “Build, Launch & Grow” process. The Venture Builder is much more active than a venture capitalist who will only invest money and expect returns on its investments. The venture builder is involved in the operations of the business, it will assist with capital, help set up the business, market the idea or minimum viable product, and then once the business is up and running only then does it take a step back.

 If this does not already sound much better than a run of the mill investor or venture capitalist, then here are some more benefits of venture builders. 

  • Venture builders nurture you and your idea. They not only have faith in the success of your business idea or Startup but will help boost your abilities to further develop the idea.
  • Venture builders provide capital. I am not talking about just the money that you use to get the business idea running but also assets such as an office area where you can start working out of immediately.
  • Venture builders will also assist with the administrative day-to-day operation of your business. You won’t have to worry about learning about taxes and financial laws or paying salaries and employing staff, they will do all that for you.
  • You can also earn a salary if you choose to partner with a venture builder. They will put you on a steady payroll if such a need ever arises.
  • If you are also looking for quick growth, then a venture builder is your best bet. Venture builders already bring years of experience and expertise to the table thanks to the professionals you will be working with, this will help you avoid pitfalls and traps that startups that are just learning usually fall into. In simple terms, the scalability of your business will be massively boosted.

While this all sounds great and nice, there are some cons and some issues with working with a venture builder. You can check out the article on ‘Demerits of Venture Builders’ for more information.

Nonetheless, if you come up with innovation and you want to see it grow quickly and still retain years of experience then a venture builder is not such a bad idea.